Why Your Online Advertising Isn’t Working

Why Your Online Advertising Isn’t Working

Most of you reading this are my age (roughly) or older. You grew up watching the boob tube. You listened to the ball game on the radio. In other words, you were exposed to mass media.

When you got older and started in the trades, you watched your employer go out and create ‘ads’ for their business, and for the most part, it worked.

Then one day you got the idea you could do this shit better, so you started your own business

Fast forward to today and you’re scratching your head about why your advertising online isn’t working. Here’s why; you are creating those same ads you grew up on and were exposed to early in your career.

In other words, you make a single ad then target everyone in your marketplace. You don’t individualize the message, you don’t customize your story to the person consuming your ad. You just spray and pray, and it isn’t working.

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