What is curated content?

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, usually with the intention of adding value select, organize, and look after the items in a collection or exhibition. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end-users. In more simplistic terms, it’s adding your voice (and value) to a handpicked collection of content not created by the organization promoting it. Gathered from a variety of sources, around a specific topic, that you publish and share with your fans. Wherever they may be.

Key benefits of curated content

Be recognized as an expert

Be deliberate about what you want fans and followers to think of your brand. Be it on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and all the usual suspects. Curation content is one aspect of your stay-on-top-of-mind campaign for being seen as an expert in your field.

Show you’re in the game

By showing and sharing what’s important for your business. Every time people see you on their feeds and screens, it’s another notch in their yup-they-are-in-the-game. Also, it gets old when companies post only their own stuff. Comes off as “me, me, me.” As a social media curator, you’re better than that, right?

Grow your network

When helping others, others help you. Sharing and curating content can help you make connections with leaders and influencers in your industry. And, spark conversation with your social media audience in general.

Grow your business

If you got something worth saying, created or curated, you’ve got people’s attention. The more you share, the more eyeballs you attract. Use this as your e-carrot to hook them in to say, your email list.

Share only what matters

Relevant. Timely. Interesting. Useful. Otherwise, forget about it.

Make it personal

And consistent, too. Every week, we find, share, and schedule dozens of articles for each client.

As we schedule each piece, we write a blurb summarizing a key point or takeaway.

To help the reader identify with my share. And, to associate this post with your brand. Whether people read this or not, they still get to see an interesting or quirky or useful snippet in their feed. At least twice a day.

Promote yourself

…but just a little.