Social Media for Construction Contractors: We Analyzed Social Media and Found This…

Social Media for Construction Contractors: We Analyzed Social Media and Found This…

This article discusses social media for construction contractors. There are so many social media platforms these days it is downright confusing to learn them all and master the tricks to using them successfully for your business. In fact, it may take so much time to try and do this, that it becomes counterproductive. You will no doubt try various platforms before deciding on the ones that seem to give you the most visitors, clicks, likes, or followers depending on which one you are talking about.

Testing the Waters

You can decide to start off with some of the popular sites and take it from there. Most businesses seem to get some traction from using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, depending on your business you can also choose others; LinkedIn, Snapchat, and YouTube. When you select one or two of these platforms and start using them for your business, you will get an appreciation of how they work and what to expect. The following are great ways to decide which social media platform is best suited to your type of business.

Do Your Research

If you are serious and do not have the time for experimenting, you should research to find the top 3 platforms and learn which types of companies get the most mileage from each. Your research will also reveal the number of users on each platform. So let’s look at the following social media platforms in terms of numbers and usage:

Pinterest: This content-sharing site is ideal for businesses that have mostly visual content, video, or photographs. Businesses that use Pinterest heavily are those having to do with photography, travel, or fashion-focused operations. It is interesting to note that the site is more popular with females. Whether or not this has to do with the heavy visual appeal is anyone’s guess.

Facebook: With over 2 billion users, Facebook is the one to beat. With the number of users, you can be almost sure that a large number of the customers or clients you want to reach are on this platform. Another good thing about Facebook is that it allows you to build a relationship with your community as well as talk to them via Facebook Messenger or even by audio.

This platform makes it easy for you to communicate with your community right there on your fan page. Facebook also gives you the opportunity to target your customers based on location, age, gender and even income. This is one platform that just about every business can benefit from to grow their customer base and increase visibility.

Twitter: This is much like a text message platform, allowing almost instant communication. Users post tweets that are topical and will quickly garner the attention of other users. It is a good way to provide updates or news to your followers. If you frequently have something to say to your followers or customers, Twitter is the ideal vehicle for this. Best of all, you can link your Twitter account to your Facebook account so all your Facebook posts are automatically tweeted as well. Another good use of Twitter for businesses is that there are always trending topics which can be great fodder for blog topics.

LinkedIn: This site is great for networking purposes. It allows members to connect to other people in the same business or career so that they can post questions, ask for advice or recommendations, and just share information of interest to a particular group. While businesses in manufacturing and retail have a presence on LinkedIn, it is most popular with service providers. Freelance service providers make up a significant portion of LinkedIn’s members.

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Take Chances and Make Mistakes When Setting up Social Media For Construction Contractors

Of course, you will make mistakes, so give yourself permission to do so while you navigate the intriguing world of social media. Even if you pay someone to handle your social media strategy it makes sense to know something about the different platforms and the value they bring to your business.

Some lesser-known social media platforms that you can check out include:

  • Flickr: For photo sharing and commenting
  • Yelp: A site for posting business reviews

While I did not mention YouTube above, it is important to know that this site has over one billion unique visitors per month according to eBizMBA. This is another site where the visuals drive the popularity of businesses. YouTube is a great way to reach new customers. If your video on YouTube goes viral, you can quickly get millions of new viewers or subscribers in a very short time.

The best way to know which social media platform to use is to determine what type of business you are in and which platform is best suited to that business. There is a lot of information available online to help you learn the basics, or you can outsource to a company that knows how to get the best mileage from social media.

Now, what is the ROI of social media for construction contractors? 

This question that comes up a lot with social media and that is what is the ROI of social media? People want to compare the ROI of social media with the ROI of traditional marketing, but I’m here to tell you, you can’t.

I’m going to tell you that you can’t compare the two because; what good is it to send out an email blast or a direct mail piece to 50,000 people or to buy a full-color, high-gloss ad in a home improvement magazine to households with values above $300,000 dollars with an income of $150,000 dollars if you could just simply have a conversation with the one person who is ready to buy?

I mean, if I could tell you that you could start a conversation right now with somebody who’s willing to listen to what you do, how much would you pay for that one person? A lot. I know.

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How much would you spend to be able to talk to that one person who’s ready to buy what you have?

That’s what social media gives you the ability to do. That’s why you are reading this post. Not direct mail, not just blasting out a message to 100,000 people who have no idea that you’re coming, but to the person that’s willing to listen, the person that wants to listen, the person that wants to hear from you. How much would you pay for that one interaction? That’s it, that’s what the ROI of social media is. Now engage.

That’s why social media for construction contractors is so important

So it’s more important now than ever to make sure that you’re covering your bases by being out there when developing your social media for construction contractors because we don’t know where this is all going to wind up.

Don’t be scared by big platforms

Sure, Facebook has billions of users, Twitter  250 million, Instagram, 300 million, but they’re big abstract numbers in the grand scheme of things to a home improvement company that only needs to add one or two more clients or customers a month to really see a big push in their top line revenue for the year.

You don’t need 300 million users, you just need one more kitchen remodel a month or two more rooms a month to add half a million dollars to your top-line revenue a year.

The nice thing about social media is it gives you the ability to build a brand by telling your story instead of coming off salesy.

If you go out and you plant a flag in today’s popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, a year from you will be generating one more deck lead, or one more addition lead or one more siding lead a month from the work you do now, for free.

Okay, so you realize this is something you need to do, but you don’t have all the time in the world, right? Just like money, you have to unfund something to fund something else. 

So be on social media, have an active presence and don’t just have an account and never use it. I always hear contractors say they want to rank organically for keywords. Well, this is a way to rank organically for keywords…except people see them, not just search engines.

If you’ve read this far, then realize that this post goes out to a few groups of people who are my readers.

First, it goes out to the group of people who think that they have all the business they could ever have because they have a decent referral base. Once again, I’ll repeat, I’ve never run into a company that has been busy enough in the long term, working just off referrals. That’s one.

Secondly, this message goes out to all the contractors who don’t think social media is worth the effort because they can’t see the ROI of it.

And third, to all of you still relying solely on organic search engine results instead of developing a solid social media campaign for construction Pro’s and contractors.

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You are dead…

25% of people surveyed in a recent Pew Research study say they use social media to search and find a business online. Okay, 25%. Here’s a question for you, what happens when that number is 55%? Are you convinced that social media is worthwhile then? What happens when that number’s 75% or 90%? What if that number is 100%?

How about what happens when that number is 100% of the people search for a company online using social media and you haven’t done anything? The problem that you’re facing is this; it takes years to build a brand on social media.

Unlike back in the day when the only thing you needed to do to catch up with your competitor was put up your own website, social media is the long game of digital marketing, and that means anyone who has a head start on your now, will ALWAYS be that far ahead of you.

Social media has become exactly what I predicted it would; the new truth serum, the new trust factor that the Jones’ use to decide who to hire…and ignoring it is the kiss of death to your online reputation.

If you’re not doing something right now to build a social media platform for your business and you’re just relying on organic traffic or whatever comes in from referrals, you’re going to be in trouble if you plan on being in business 5 years from now.


Because review sites are suspect at best, and once no one trusts review sites, social media is going to decide whether or not they’re going to do business with you.

That’s going to be either a good day or a shitty day for you, but it all depends on if you start now or next week, next month, or next year.

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