In The Age of COVID, Trust is a Must

In The Age of COVID, Trust is a Must

So here’s one that you’re going to have to pay a little bit of attention to because it’s almost kind of in reverse. Anytime you offer something or try to sell something on your website, it’s going to have to be proportionate to the level of trust that you’ve gained through their journey on your website. So in other words, if you have like a banner on your page saying, “Hey, five hundred dollars off if you book today,” well, they’re going to think you’re full of shit.

They’re going to think that you just packed five hundred dollars more into the price and you’re just taking it off. Here’s why; you haven’t earned their trust enough to be able to offer them that type of discount.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with making your offer after; after you’ve gone out to visit and you’re standing there with Mrs. Jones and you say, look, Mrs. Jones, we’re really busy, but if you’re willing to book today, we’ll take five hundred dollars off of the price.

Hopefully, by then you’ve gained her trust and that’s a great way to get her to close on the spot. Now she trusts you and she has a better feeling for you. So she’s a little more apt to say “Yes, let’s do it.”

But just throwing it out there on your site and saying it’s going to stick, people know that when you have a price that high or when you have a discount that high, somehow, someway, they’re paying for it. That five hundred dollars isn’t just going to get thrown in because you just want to do business with them.

It’s ok to offer incentives, just do it at the right time, do it at the right place. After you’ve earned their trust, that’s when you offer the discount. Don’t do it on your website, especially something that’s huge that you normally wouldn’t do or you normally wouldn’t offer strangers. Make sense? If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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