Email Marketing Contractors Can Do in 5 Minutes a Month

Email Marketing Contractors Can Do in 5 Minutes a Month

Whenever I talk to a client, no matter how big or how small, the conversation of blogging always comes up. The first thing I hear is ‘I/we don’t know what to write about.’ OK, here’s a million-dollar idea.

Think I’m full of it? Let’s dig into the numbers before I give this great idea away to you for free…you’re welcome!

Take your average customer value (including referrals) and times that by 12. The tip I’m going to give you on blog content will help you land one more client or customer a month (after your first full year of following this advice.)

OK, to the million-dollar idea for monthly blog/newsletter content

Instead of focusing on what to talk about inside your business, making it all about you, write one post or newsletter a month that is a monthly home maintenance guide. Yeah, it’s that simple.

Come up with a seasonal tip, write about it and get it out to your customer list. After 3-6 months, people will look forward to getting it.

For the first year, just offer the newsletter no strings attached. After the first year, you can insert offers or discounts to your email list.

That’s it, now go get your million dollars. You’re welcome!

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