Does Your Website Stink?

Does Your Website Stink?

So here’s one for you, according to a survey by the Better Business Bureau, the most trusted advertising medium online is your own company’s website.

I always knew that, but for some reason, some people out there think that finding reviews on Yelp or on Google means more to the end user. Yeah, sure, reviews and testimonials are a great thing, they are a huge part of construction marketing but they should be on your own site because that’s where the credibility starts and ends.

People have to be able to trust you as a company

They’re not going to trust you by reading your Yelp reviews. They’re not going to trust you by looking at your Google page. Your website is your foundation, it’s where everything begins and ends on the web.

Everything else can come and go tomorrow

Facebook can shut down tomorrow, Twitter could go out of business (and just may), but your website is your digital showroom that will be online as long as you pay your hosting bill, and if you aren’t recognizing that by now, then something’s wrong.

If you haven’t fixed that digital showroom to make it reflective of the company that you are or the company that you want to be, then you’re doing something wrong.
You’re giving away business

Let’s talk about it in dollars and cents. You know what the average customer worth is to you, whether that’s a hundred dollars or whether that’s twenty-five thousand dollars, you know what the average customer is worth to you.

Take a look at your website, are you converting the amount of leads and prospects and visits that you should be with the existing site that you have? Better yet, would you buy from you? If not, fix it! These are huge amounts of dollars that you’re giving away every day, every month, every year, year over year.

You’re giving it away because you keep saying, “I’ll figure out my site next month, I’ll figure out my site next year, I’ll figure out my site next season.” The Better Business Bureau is telling you the number one confidence factor from a marketing standpoint to the end user, the consumer, Mrs. Jones, the one who writes a check to pay you, is your own website. Fix it, get off your ass, get it done.