Do You Have a Plan?

Do You Have a Plan?

The market can’t keep going the way it has gone, you know that right?

We are in the longest bull market ever…ever! Nine years ago this market run started. Problem is, no bull market has even made it to ten years, so we are due.

What’s your plan?

What is your plan for your business when the consumer puts the squeeze on their home improvement projects?

What’s your plan? You have one, right?

If you lived through 2007-2010, you should know better. If you didn’t, you don’t have a clue about how bad it can get, so take it from me (because I lived through it), it is going to suck.

But there are opportunities in market corrections

You probably know half a dozen contractors who SHOULDN’T be swinging a hammer for themselves, but since the market is so frothy, business is coming easy.

Well, it won’t last forever, and that’s when you make your move to expand, grow and take market share away from the trunk slammers who don’t do it the way you do it…the right way.

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