Contractors…Write About Anything, Someone is Interested

Contractors…Write About Anything, Someone is Interested

I had a client not that long ago who was in the concrete business and needed new content for their site. That’s when I found myself in a predicament that I am sure a lot of you find yourselves if you have an active blog or newsletter; what to write about.

As a company, we write over 5 million words a year for clients, yes, 5 million, so being short on topics isn’t something we run into often.

But I was writing about fucking concrete!

How impossibly pedestrian could it get?

But…you have to think like your reader, and when you do that, their interests become yours. For example, there’s concrete that dries fast and concrete that dries with holes in it, and another concrete that looks like a brick.

Point is, there is a shitload to know about concrete, and someone out there is interested in it!

And that’s why you should write about anything. Because somewhere, somehow, someone will want to know about it.

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