Contractors, Being On Time Isn’t Something to Brag About

Contractors, Being On Time Isn’t Something to Brag About

Marketing is about fitting a product or service to a need or want. Have a headache? Take an Advil. That’s a need. Thirsty from a full day of swinging a hammer? Have a Bud Light. That’s a want.

Marketing and advertising usually put those two together to create a purchase.

Now, marketing, for the most part, isn’t cheap, especially when you are talking about TV, which is why I am totally gobsmacked by a company in my area who has run spots on morning TV for the last few weeks promoting time.

Being on Time!

Here is how the ad goes;

“Call ABC Heating, we’ll be on time.”

That’s all the spot promotes. Not their great service, not their great craftsmanship, just that their service people will be on time. The work may suck and they may blow their noses on your curtains, but they will be on time.

Being on time isn’t even a courtesy, its fucking expected. The fact that it is the cornerstone of a TV spot blows my friggin mind and pisses me off.


Because that is the level of expectation John Q. Public has for the home services category, that just showing is a positive experience.

Man…and I thought the bar was set low in the construction marketing sector.

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