Social media done for you for just $99 a month.

Welcome to The Apprentice Campaign

Social media isn’t the ‘next big thing’ in marketing, it’s a confidence factor people use to decide if they are going to work with you. Having a vibrant, active social media campaign gives people the confidence they need to hire you.

We know you are busy, and that’s why we offer the Apprentice campaign. Our Apprentice plan is designed to manage your social media for you, giving you back the time in your day you need to run your business, not your Facebook page. Our day-to-day management gives you the ability to get back to work doing what you do best while we help grow your business online.

The Apprentice plan is the social media component of our product offering. It’s just $99 per month via a subscription plan through PayPal. With this plan, your social media will be managed by us while you handle your business offline.

So how does it work, how much does it cost and what do you get?

Crafting social media campaigns
for the construction market

To get started with the Apprentice campaign, complete the form below. First, you will be taken to the subscription portal where you will sign up with PayPal. Then you will be asked for your social media login credentials during the sign-up process. If you don’t already have your social media accounts set up, don’t worry, we can do that for you too. Once complete, we will set up your social media 



Want To Improve Your Social Media Game? Get Apprentice!

Why is social media such a big deal for contractors?  Because online is where your prospects live. The average Facebook user spends 404 minutes online a month! Because you are being evaluated long before anyone picks up the phone to call you, and guess what happens if they find outdated social media profiles, or worse, nothing online? You instantly lose credibility! Problem is, you never hear from those people because they never called you.