A Rant on Construction Pricing in The Marketplace

A Rant on Construction Pricing in The Marketplace

I’ve been listening to a lot of contractors who are doing a lot of talking about how they don’t offer discounts, how they don’t bend when the customer says they can’t afford the project or how they walk away if the homeowner pushes back.

First of all, I say that’s bullshit, they are most likely lying. People do that in forums.

Secondly, it is a way of them saying they don’t know how to negotiate. Getting push back on your first proposal is standard operation procedure, so when someone says I don’t cave at all, I can tell you one of two things; either they are happy with the amount of work they have and don’t care if they get the job or they aren’t busy enough.

So what happens when you press it and try and get max dollars? You lose out on bids. If your closing ratio was higher at a lower price, the market is telling you you are too high.

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Rant on Construction Pricing